Becoming a sustainable company means having a robust management system that ensures we are taking a holistic, transparent approach to sustainability. From regulatory compliance to engaged staff endorsing and supporting our efforts, sustainability is becoming the way we do business.

At LifeLabs, we not only have environmental policies and environmental tracking software in place that hold us accountable and push us to get better, but we also hold our vendors and contractors to the same standards.

With each new connection we make, our vendors are required to answer questions and provide information on social and environmental components of their business so that we can ensure important issues such as pollution and forced labour are disclosed and addressed.

Any questions, or suggestions for partnerships to improve our practice? We are always happy to chat. Just email our Environment and Sustainability team at

Sustainability Image
Sustainability Image

Environmental Tracking

We strive to improve by tracking our environmental footprint from over 420 locations nationally and from our 500 vehicle fleet. We continuously monitor our trends of fuel consumption, travel, waste generation, hazardous waste generation, energy, electricity, and water consumption, among other metrics. This fuels future projects and initiatives for improving our performance.