From reducing our vehicle fuel consumption with Telematics software to offsetting our paper use by working with Print Releaf to plant over 5,000 trees, we strive to choose projects that recognize our impact on the environment and give back with intention. These initiatives help us work towards our sustainability goals and encourage a culture of environmental awareness here at LifeLabs.


Our dedicated couriers and mobile team members (a fleet of 500 vehicles!) travel over 1.7 million kilometres each month across British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. In a single year, our cars travel enough distance to get to the moon and back over 25 times!

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With that in mind, we have made an environmental commitment to minimize our carbon footprint and reaffirm our responsibility to employee safety. Not only has LifeLabs implemented a Telematics Software into all our fleet vehicles to improve driving efficiency, but we have also incorporated hybrid vehicles into our fleet. Both these initiatives help reduce our emissions and environmental footprint.

Through the introduction of the Telematics Software, the fuel economy (km driven per liter of fuel consumed) improved by approximately 33% resulting in a large reduction in GHG emissions per route.

Tree Planting to Offset Paper Usage

A lot of paper gets printed in healthcare! On a typical day, we often have to print specimen labels, sample instructions for patients, and information packages. We can have gone paperless in many areas, but we recognize there’s still lots of room for improvement.

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Trees are an invaluable resource, and we want to ensure that what we take today for paper use is replenished for future generations. This is why we’ve worked with organizations such as Print Releaf, where in 2022 we collaborated with them to plan over 5110 trees. Learn more about LifeLabs work with Print Releaf