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Reports Delivery

Our lab results are available in real time. As soon as we have the answers, so do you via our online portal.

On Line Results

Excelleris provides over 8,000 B.C. physicians in private practice and emergency room settings immediate 24-hour access to diagnostic test results. This free and easy to use platform allows you fast, anytime anywhere access that is secure and private.

Electronic Report delivery is available through our online portal, launchpad.

This portal provides advanced report management to view, filter, sort print and observe trends in your patient records for efficient and informed decision making.

Launchpad offers secure access to your patient results and can be accessed from any desktop through a range of browsers.

Please contact our support team at if you are interested in report delivery through Launchpad.

Lifelabs is working in partnership with EMR vendors to update the result delivery distribution technology for better integration of reports into the EMR.

We can be reached at 1-800-465-6001


If you are a healthcare provider and would like to obtain results via the telephone, please contact our Customer Care Centre at:

1-877-849-3637 (Ontario)

604-431-7206 or toll-free at 1-800-431-7206 (BC)

Are you a Patient?


LifeLabs helps support antimicrobial stewardship in select regions across Canada by producing antibiograms to compare susceptibility rates and track organism resistance. For complete reports by your community, please select your region below.
If you require antibiograms for communities outside of the provinces listed above, please check with the provincial ministry of health for more information

Expedited Results & Critical Alert Values

LifeLabs and other OAML Laboratories have agreed to a defined schedule of test results that must be communicated directly to physicians based upon the two result categories described below. These reporting limits have been defined specifically for a community laboratory environment and are based on published literature as well as laboratory experience. Laboratories have an obligation to communicate these abnormal results. The ordering physicians have the professional responsibility to provide the laboratory with contact information, which will allow direct communication of these results to the physician (or delegate providing coverage during absences).

Reference Ranges

Reference intervals are validated and updated periodically, and vary from method to method. They may change without notification. Ranges accompanying patient results should be deemed to be correct.