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June 16, 2024

Father’s Day Spotlight: Pardeep and Prince Battu

Meet Pardeep and Prince Battu!

Father Pardeep, a Pathologist’s assistant, began his journey at LifeLabs fifteen years ago. His career served as an inspiration for his son Prince, a Lab technician. His fascination with science and medicine led him to follow in his father’s footsteps. “I was the first to join LifeLabs, and I believe my passion for the job influenced Prince,” shares Pardeep. “He witnessed the profound impact we make in our work, and it ignited his interest in the field during his high school years. LifeLabs was a natural fit for Prince, given his love for science and medicine.” 

For Prince, joining LifeLabs was a chance to follow his interests and learn from his father’s extensive experience. “Growing up, I was always fascinated by the stories Dad shared about his work. His passion and dedication were inspiring, and I jumped at the opportunity to join LifeLabs when I could,” Prince recalls.

Working together, they support each other professionally and personally. “Having a dad as a mentor is the best part,” Prince says. “I’ve learned so much from him, both professionally and personally. It’s comforting to have someone I trust so deeply at work.”

They’ve had memorable experiences collaborating on challenging cases and contributing to customer care. One particular experience for the father and son was tackling a difficult set of samples together. “We stayed late, troubleshooting and figuring out the best approach,” Pardeep recalls. “The sense of accomplishment we shared when we finally succeeded was incredible. It was a real bonding moment that highlighted the strength of our teamwork.”

However, like any working relationship, Pardeep and Prince have faced their share of disagreements. “We’ve had our differences, especially regarding lab procedures,” Pardeep admits. “But we’ve learned to handle these professionally by respecting each other’s viewpoints and finding compromises.”

“Open communication and mutual respect have been key to resolving conflicts,” Prince adds. “We remind ourselves that our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.”

Working together has deepened their relationship and mutual respect. “We’ve developed a deeper understanding of each other’s skills and work ethic,” Pardeep says. “This shared experience has strengthened our bond and brought us closer together.” Prince feels the same, noting that their professional collaboration has given him a new perspective on their relationship. “I feel that we understand each other better than ever before.”

For both Pardeep and Prince, the best part about working together is the unique bond they share through their work. “We get to support each other professionally while deepening our personal relationship,” Pardeep notes. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see Prince thrive in an environment that I also find fulfilling.”

Prince echoes this sentiment. “It makes the job more enjoyable knowing we’re in this together,” he says. “We support each other and celebrate our achievements as a team.”


LifeLabs is grateful and inspired by our team members for sharing their stories. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey at LifeLabs is to ensure that all individuals feel accepted, respected and valued.

By fostering an equitable and inclusive culture for the team members, customers, and partners, our collective community benefits from understanding the unique perspectives and experiences.  The journey to reinforce DEI commitments has demonstrated that at LifeLabs, we are indeed Stronger Together.

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