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Michener Award LifeLabs
May 4, 2021

Excellence in Clinical Teaching and Supervision Award from Michener Institute Recognizes Clinical Education Team at LifeLabs

We are thrilled to share that Zita Nausedas, a member of LifeLabs for over 28 years and integral to our clinical education program, has received the 2020 Excellence in Clinical Teaching and Supervision award from the Michener Institute of Education at UHN.

The clinical education program at LifeLabs is an important step in the journey towards a successful career for many students in the medical lab field. At LifeLabs, the program is lead by dedicated lab professionals who have a passion for sharing their expertise and knowledge.

Nausedas was nominated by a former clinical student, Srijaayath (Jaygo) Srichandramohan, who has recently accepted a full-time position at LifeLabs.

“We are tremendously proud of Zita and the entire clinical education team,” says Charles Brown, President and CEO of LifeLabs. “With their help, we have seen a high level of competent and professional students choose LifeLabs on their career path. To be nominated by a former student and current colleague is a true testament to the success of our clinical education program. Thank you to Zita and her team for treating our practicum students with compassion, care, and respect.”

As outlined in her nomination form, Zita is known for going above and beyond for her students, imparting knowledge and striving to hep others achieve their best. “It’s clear that Zita and the entire clinical education team makes a lasting impact on our students,” says Dr. Andrew Don-Wauchope, Vice President of Clinical Services at LifeLabs. “They are working hard to equip the next generation of lab professionals with essential skills and real-world experience.”

Nausedas was surprised and thrilled to receive the award. “The task of taking on a Cytology student, working with them, teaching them, and creating a welcoming environment is not something I can do alone. I’d like to extend a special thank you to my colleagues for their invaluable help with our clinical program. It is only with the support of my supervisors and our leadership team that we can accept and dedicate time towards teaching and mentoring students. I am grateful to work for a company that has these values!”

Congratulations to Zita Nausedas for receiving the 2020 Excellence in Clinical Teaching and Supervision award!

If you are a student interested in participating in a medical laboratory assistant practicum program at LifeLabs, contact your school to learn more about how you can join our community of students.

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