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LifeLabs provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for your needs. From clinical trials and patient support programs to the launch of new diagnostic tests and screening tools for disease-specific conditions, we collaborate with you to transform healthcare. We optimize the quality of patient care by integrating Canadian healthcare services. We establish long-term relationships with specialists and other industry professionals by designing programs that facilitate patient recruitment and retention. LifeLabs is agile and innovative, driving positive and impactful changes for healthcare delivery in Canada.

We support industry at every stage of the product lifecycle:

Clinical trials
Canadian market sizing, forecasting and sales targeting
Pre-launch market preparation & new diagnostic test launch
Patient support programs, recruitment, and retention
Post-market surveillance and re-targeting

Our Solutions


Clinical Trials

LifeLabs has provided clinical trial collection and diagnostic testing for over 30 years. We offer trial recruitment and collection services including, but not limited to, kit-based and coded collection. We also support rapidly growing channels like decentralized clinical trials and in-patient-home collection systems.

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Patient Support Program Partnerships

We work closely with manufacturers, diversified clinic systems and specialty pharmacies to provide customized solutions. By integrating diagnostic services into your patient support programs (PSP), you will boost patient compliance, support long-term program enrollment, and build trust within healthcare provider communities.

  • Courier sample pickup services
  • Patient Tracking
  • Collection services for third-party lab processing
  • eOrder: customized requisitions
  • More than 380 Patient Services Centres
  • Mobile phlebotomy

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Preventative & Precision Medicine

Each year, LifeLabs releases new customized diagnostic tests to complement the launch of new medications and expanded indications. We bring on cutting-edge screening and monitoring tests designed to identify early-stage disease and optimize dosing, giving patients and providers a proactive edge.

  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Molecule-specific biologic and biosimilar monitoring tests are necessary for dose optimization and maintenance of long-term efficacy. Learn more about Therapeutic Drug Monitoring here
  • Screening tests born out of growing areas of research and development are needed to detect disease in asymptomatic patients. The FIB4 (Fibrosis 4) and ELF (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis) tests are well-researched tools in the NASH/NAFLD space.
  • QuantiFERON TB Gold

National Companion Diagnostics (CDx) Programs

Launching a new oncology medication in Canada? Or, maybe you want to make it easier for patients to get access to one that is already approved: through industry collaboration, we provide new and existing CDx support for targeted therapies. Pathologists throughout Canada are familiar with our processes and the quality of service provided by our Genetics team.

The Lab

Using custom manual or robotic protocols to support small to very large projects, we offer nucleic acid extraction, multiple PCR platforms, Sanger and NGS options for sequencing. Leverage our high-throughput Agena MassARRAY® System for pharmacogenetic and other SNP-driven applications, and validated bioinformatics solutions for workload management and analyses. Our team is ready to answer your questions. Connect with our team today!


Signatera™ is a powerful custom-built genetic blood test. It is used to predict relapse earlier than existing technologies and indicate response to treatment.
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Genetic Counselling

Although companion diagnostics are an excellent precision medicine tool, diagnosis also has the potential to cause patients confusion and anxiety. Our genetic counsellors guide patients through the process of results interpretation and incorporate medical and family histories into their assessment. They are experienced, bilingual, and Canadian certified.

Medical Devices, Data & Reporting Systems

Patient-Provider Connection

We channel medical device data directly into physician EMRs or integrated reporting systems.

Canadian Market Insights

Real World Data (RWD) facilitates accurate forecasting and allows our clients to build a better understanding of the patient journey.


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