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The Value of Resilience

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. Reflecting on the year that has passed, the word resilience is very much on my mind. How is it that Canadians continue to stay strong and positive despite the difficulties posed by these times we have endured? I believe the answer lies in our values – things like fairness, kindness and cooperation. We’re motivated to do whatever is necessary to care for our families and communities. 

Values are also at the centre of everything we do at LifeLabs. Customer-centredness motivates us as we continue to put customers first. Caring inspires us to treat each other with kindness and pledge to do better on diversity, equity and inclusion. Working as one team has helped us stay focused and efficient during challenging times. Being agile has equipped us to adapt quickly to the new – and ever-changing – normal. 

In this report, you will read about how we’ve weathered the challenges of the past year, and what we’ve achieved, including:

  • Implementing COVID-19 testing within days of being asked to do so in British Columbia and Ontario;
  • Completing 2 million COVID-related tests to date and counting;
  • Creating the WorkClear program to help employers reduce the risk of workplace COVID-19 transmission and help restart the economy in the midst of a pandemic;
  • Serving as the medical laboratory partner for the NHL’s Return to Play Plan;
  • Developing FlyClear – COVID-19 testing for travellers requiring essential travel;
  • Launching  a COVID-19 Antibody test, so that customers and their health care providers can assess previous COVID-19 infection;
  • Adopting an accelerated program to achieve ISO 27001 rating, the gold standard for information security to ensure the best possible data and privacy protection for our customers;
  • Being recognized for our continued commitment to environmental sustainability;
  • Being selected by the Ministry of Education in Ontario to be one of their lead partners in delivering asymptomatic testing for schools.

These are significant accomplishments, but what truly makes me proud is how our teams have demonstrated grace under pressure. Challenge has brought out the best in us, and it has further strengthened our commitment to empowering your health. Even as the pandemic continues, we are readying ourselves to deliver on this commitment in the future, in a world that has changed. What will the customer of tomorrow need and expect? How will health care be different in five to ten years’ time? These questions are the compass that will guide us in the coming years as we design new and cutting-edge products and services that are driven by consumer demand in the health care ecosystem. 

I look to that future with optimism, having witnessed this organization’s incredible capability for speed and agility as well as quality, commitment, and caring. We’ll do this by showing up every day, guided by our values, to meet the needs of our customers today, and for tomorrow.

Kindest Regards,

Charles Brown
President & CEO

** These photos were taken before COVID-19 safety protocols were implemented

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