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March 8, 2024

Celebrating Women of LifeLabs Who Are Empowering Changes

The Women of LifeLabs (WOL) Steering Committee is rising as a symbol of empowerment and championing the development and inclusion of women across all levels. 

A dynamic team of dedicated individuals leads WOL and serves as a national employee-led network committee to promote inclusion, education, and career advancement for women at LifeLabs. It combines advocacy, mentorship, and collaborative initiatives to break down barriers and create a more equitable workplace.

We proudly celebrate the Women of LifeLabs contributions, and we’re honoured to introduce you to the strong and passionate members to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

 Stephanie Bell, Client Services Manager, Women of LifeLabs Co-Chair

“The Women of LifeLabs wear many hats – we’re employees, leaders, partners, mothers, daughters, and friends. We’re busy caring for others and often leave ourselves at the bottom of the pile. We have to learn that self-care is never selfish.” – Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell brings her passion for mentorship and empowerment to her work at LifeLabs. Inspired by her experience with Girl Guides of Canada, where she mentors teens to harness their leadership skills, Stephanie saw the Women of LifeLabs as an avenue to further contribute. Her advocacy for gender equality in the workplace stems from her observation of the imbalance in health-focused campaigns, prompting her to advocate for a LifeLabs Pink Shirt campaign to support women’s health issues like breast cancer research. Identifying work-life balance as a critical issue, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of self-care for women juggling multiple roles. Leveraging LifeLabs’ resources, she aims to raise awareness about available benefits, advocating for initiatives like massage therapy budgets. To support women’s career development, Stephanie suggests facilitating opportunities for mentorship with female leaders.


Keri VanBussel, Ontario Regional Manager of Logistics, Women of LifeLabs Co-Chair

Men have an opportunity to recognize the challenges women face in the workplace and challenge themselves to think differently and actively support women in their success. They can be allies for women when it comes to gender equality and support their career growth. – Keri VanBussel

Keri VanBussel is a driven force with a mission to break down workplace barriers. She hopped on board the WOL train to team up with like-minded colleagues eager to level the playing field for women. With a focus on career growth and gender equality, Keri saw this as her opportunity to make a difference. On Keri’s radar is the struggles of work-life balance, especially after returning from maternity leave. She’s all about making life easier for women dealing with these challenges. And here’s a message from Keri to all the ladies considering joining the WOL: It’s time to step up! Joining isn’t just about making noise but diving into a supportive community. Plus, it’s a chance to grow professionally while making a real impact.


Leah Galdones, Customer Support Team Lead, Women of LifeLabs Events Lead

“I envision the WOL working closely with other DEI initiatives. I would like to learn from other groups, what projects have been successful, what projects do they want to see in the future? Hear their stories and build a community.” – Leah Galdones

Introducing Leah Galdones, a dedicated Women of LifeLabs community member driven by her belief in the power of collaboration and community building. Inspired to join the WOL to contribute to the organization’s growth, Leah believes the Women of LifeLabs can be pivotal in addressing gender equality. By fostering a sense of community and support, and providing opportunities for professional development, the group can empower women to overcome obstacles and thrive in their careers. Recognizing the importance of male allies in advancing gender equality, Leah emphasizes men’s role in challenging stereotypes, advocating for equal opportunities, and standing up against discrimination.


AJ Francis, National Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Women of LifeLabs Communications Lead

Joining the Women’s ERG is not just about advocating for ourselves; it’s about paving the way for future generations of women and creating a better, more equitable work environment for all.” – AJ Francis

AJ joined the WOL to contribute to meaningful initiatives and foster a supportive environment. Driven by personal experiences witnessing disparities between male and female colleagues, AJ recognized pressing issues such as lack of representation in leadership, and limited access to mentorship. AJ emphasizes the need for allies to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity. She suggests implementing inclusive policies and offering mentorship programs to support women’s career development. To women considering joining the WOL or advocating for gender equality, AJ says,
“Your voice matters, and together, we can make a difference. Joining the Women of LifeLabs is about paving the way for future generations and creating a better work environment for everyone.”


Shahra-sad Warsame Ali, Customer Support Team Lead, Women of LifeLabs Secretary & Treasurer

“Don’t underestimate the difference you can make in the workplace. Together, we can challenge biases, break down barriers, and create a fairer workplace for everyone.” – Shahra-sad Warsame Ali

Shahra-sad strives to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to succeed. Her motivation stems from witnessing women facing challenges balancing work and family responsibilities, leading her to advocate for flexible work arrangements and support systems.  Identifying the gender pay gap and representation in leadership roles as pressing issues, Shahra-sad believes the WOL can address these challenges through policy advocacy and professional development opportunities. She emphasizes men’s crucial role in advancing gender equality, highlighting the importance of fair hiring practices and childcare support. She envisions collaboration among diversity initiatives and emphasizes sharing expertise and advocating for inclusive policies.



Cora Burnett, Client Services Supervisor, Women of LifeLabs Membership & Measurement Lead

“One of my favourite quotes is The battle for gender equality cannot be won unless men lead it along with women.’ Bono. I believe empowering men to comfortably identify as feminists and join the movement for gender equality is the best way to create meaningful change.” – Cora Burnett

Meet Cora Burnett, a professional boasting over 30 years of customer service experience. Her passion for gender equality stems from her frontline insights, driving her to join the Women of LifeLabs (WOL). She’s impressed by LifeLabs’ proactive approach to championing women’s talents, marking a significant step towards equality and inclusion. Cora wants to shed light on the need for flexibility in addressing the differing treatment of women in customer service roles compared to their male counterparts. Balancing professional success with societal norms emerges as a critical challenge for women today, one that Cora believes the WOL can tackle through resource allocation and conflict management training. She envisions collaborative efforts with other diversity initiatives within LifeLabs to enhance impact and create a more inclusive workplace. 


Erica Zarkovich, Senior Vice President, Government Markets, Women of LifeLabs Executive Sponsor

“I have always found it hard to advance as a working mother in the workplace, and I felt it acutely after having my first child when the domestic and childcare responsibilities fell to me.” – Erica Zarkovich

Erica is a passionate advocate for women’s equity and advancement in the workplace. Inspired by her experiences as a working mother, Erica felt compelled to join the WOL to address the challenges women face in balancing work and family responsibilities.

Identifying the need for inclusive workplaces that cater to women’s specific needs, Erica believes the WOL can lead the charge in advocating for change. She emphasizes the importance of men stepping up as allies and sponsors to advance gender equality, drawing from her father’s unwavering support for women’s advancement. Erica suggests implementing company-endorsed programs that promote and grow women across all roles to support women’s career development. She envisions the WOL collaborating with other diversity initiatives to create a healthier workplace culture and foster more opportunities for advancement within the organization. Erica’s message to her fellow women in the organization is encouragement and empowerment: With each meeting and each step, progress is made!



LifeLabs’ is grateful and inspired by our team members for sharing their stories. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey at LifeLabs is to ensure that all individuals feel accepted, respected and valued.

By fostering an equitable and inclusive culture for the team members, customers, and partners, our collective community benefits from understanding the unique perspectives and experiences.  The journey to reinforce DEI commitments has demonstrated that at LifeLabs, we are indeed Stronger Together.

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