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Partnering for Better Health Outcomes

Partnering for Better Health Outcomes

Genetics is transforming healthcare. Building a healthier Canada means looking at the future and both influencing and being ready for it. When it comes to bringing meaningful, high quality genetic testing to Canadians through Canadian expertise and Canadian-based operations, LifeLabs is a leader. Through the building of partnerships with innovative researchers and by leveraging our operational and service expertise, we are bringing important genetic tests to Canada that will drive better health outcomes and value for patients and our healthcare system.

Through the 2017 purchase of the Canadian business of Centogene, a world leader in the delivery of genetic testing for rare and inherited diseases, we are also able to provide access to leading-edge whole exome sequencing (WES) to all Canadians. This partnership allows Canadians to benefit from our knowledge about our healthcare system, our professional expertise in genetics, high quality operations, leading turnaround time, and access to a global database to diagnose rare conditions.

WES technology looks at all the coding regions, or approximately 1% of a person’s genome, and compares the sequence to a database to detect mutations that cause health conditions. WES is especially useful for pediatric patients who are experiencing delays in development and/or other rare symptoms, but it is also helpful in determining causes for unusual neurological, cardiac, bone and metabolic disorders, to name a few.

It was this test that provided answers for a mother desperate for more information about her son’s autism. After watching her child struggle for over two years, she had enrolled him in a medical genetics research study that might provide more insights into his diagnosis. Unfortunately, the study was expected to last two years, and waiting that long for answers was simply unacceptable for this concerned parent. Working with LifeLabs and her physician to complete the WES test, this mother got the answers she was looking for and personalized support from our genetic counsellors in a matter of weeks.

“Genetic testing, like Whole Exome Sequencing, can provide answers where no other test can,” said Dr. Ron Carter, Director, Genetics Program.

We are leveraging the knowledge and experience of leaders and organizations across the healthcare system through effective partnerships to make sure that, together, we exceed the needs of our patients and our healthcare system while delivering solutions for the future.