Rush 12h NAAT

Results available in just 12 hours*
Only available at 30 Intl Blvd. (ON) and Russ Baker Way (BC).
FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is proud to offer Rush 12h NAAT service for individuals looking for faster COVID-19 test results. Our premium Rush 12h NAAT service delivers results within 12 hours*, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.​

*Note: If your sample tests negative for COVID-19, your results will be available within 12 hours.
Rush 12h NAAT service is only available at 30 International Blvd., Etobicoke, ON and Russ Baker Way, Richmond, BC.


The molecular COVID-19 swab test uses nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) technology to detect genetic information from the virus. If present, it indicates an active infection.
$200 + Tax​

Please note: If you opt for this service, you will be required to pay $150 at checkout and a $50 rush fee after you arrive at 30 International Blvd. (ON) or Russ Baker Way (BC).

How it works?

FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is proud to offer a convenient and quick Rush 12h NAAT in five simple steps!


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