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Nervous about needles? Not anymore!

At LifeLabs, we’re always looking for ways to make your experience more comfortable. In select locations, LifeLabs will be offering Pain Ease®; a topical spray that cools the skin, temporarily reducing the pain and discomfort associated with needles, for only $4.95.

Pain Ease is currently offered at the following locations:

  • 372 Hollandview Trail, Aurora, ON
  • 6505 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON
  • 1235 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, ON

To find out when Pain Ease will be available at a location near you, enter your email address and postal code here:

Pain Ease; is an instant topical anesthetic spray that cools the skin and reduces the pain associated with procedures like needles, lasting for up to 60 seconds depending on skin sensitivity.

One of our LifeLabs staff will hold the applicator 3 to 7 inches from the treatment site and spray steadily for 4 to 10 seconds to give you a more comfortable experience.

Each Pain Ease application costs $4.95. Payment can be made online or at the LifeLabs location providing service to you.

About 78% of patients felt less needle pain when Pain Ease was used, compared to other blood draws without Pain Ease.

In addition, around 80% of those patients would use the spray again during a needle procedure.

It is unlikely you will have a reaction to the product; however, everyone has different skin sensitivities.

The cold from the spray could temporarily alter skin pigmentation, and if you have hypersensitive skin, you may develop a slight irritation from the product.

No, the spray will not affect the results of any test.


No. Pain Ease evaporates immediately upon contact with the skin.

LifeLabs is testing Pain Ease at select locations. If you’re dissatisfied, you can request a refund.

Pain Ease is safe for most people, including those who are pregnant and children. However, this product is not recommended for people with poor circulation or those who are allergic to Pentafluoropropane or Tetrafluoroethane.

It is recommended that a pediatrician be consulted before using Pain Ease on children under the age of four.
Patients who have damaged skin, puncture wounds, animal bites or serious injuries should consult with a staff member prior to getting Pain Ease.

Even though it may be rare, some people may have side effects when taking a drug or using a medical device, including an allergic reaction, a burning or tingling sensation, or a change in skin color that does not go away.

Tell your doctor or seek medical help if you have any of the above signs or symptoms. in rare cases, over spraying could cause frostbite.