On-arrival COVID-19 Testing ​
Arrived via Air, Land or Sea​

COVID-19 Home Collection Kit​

How this works

To complete your FlyClear™ on-arrival test, please follow the 5 simple steps below​

1. Register​

Before you proceed with on-arrival testing, you MUST complete your kit registration.​ ​

Please log in or create an account in FlyClear portal using the button below to begin the process!

NOTE: Your collection MUST be monitored by a LifeLabs technician or a designated onsite collector to be valid, and kits MUST be registered to connect results back to you.​ Failure to do so will result in your specimen being rejected and could create a delay to when you can legally end your quarantine.​

2. Book Appointment – Two Options​

1. Virtual observation with a trained technician:

Book your COVID-19 virtual appointment through the FlyClear™ portal after you have completed kit registration.

2. Alternate collection options (In-person or telephone appointment) 

If you do not qualify for a video consultation or you were unable to find any suitable time slot to meet the collection deadline, LifeLabs has alternate options to assist you with your specimen collection.

3. Sample Collection – Three Options​

1.Virtual observation with a trained technician

If you book a virtual appointment, you will receive an appointment confirmation email with a link. On the day and time of your appointment, click on the link to connect to a LifeLabs technician, who will guide you through your self-collection.

2. In-person collection at a participating location

On the day and time of your appointment, please bring the COVID-19 Home collection kit you received for your appointment.

3. Telephone Appointment

You will receive a call from the LifeLabs technician on the date and time of your appointment.

4. Sample Drop-off or Schedule a pick-up – Two options

1. Sample drop-off at a participating location:

You can arrange to drop off your sample the same day or within the next day at any  ONE  of the participating locations.

2. FedEx pick-up:

Once your sample collection is complete, schedule a FedEx pick up.

Note: If you do not qualify for a FedEx pick up or if you collected your sample after 10 am on a Friday, please arrange to drop off your sample at a participating location. This will ensure your sample is processed at our lab and results are provided to you within 72 hours of the sample being dropped off.

5. Obtain Results​

Within 72 hours of your sample being dropped off or picked up, you will receive a results notification email containing a secure link to your results.

Click on the button below to view and download your results. 

Unable to access your results? Click here to learn more .

Instructional Video - Adult

Click the “play” button below to watch an instructional video for what to expect while completing the COVID-19 Home Collection Kit.  If you will be completing the kit for a child, watch the video below.

Download the Instructions as a PDF:

Instructional Video – Child

Click the “play” button below to watch an instructional video for what to expect while completing the COVID-19 Home Collection Kit. 


FlyClear™ Customer Support

If you have any questions or require support, please contact our LifeLabs Customer Support Centre.

General Inquiries 1-877-313-4982

Monday to Sunday 24/7

Email: servicetravel@lifelabs.com

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